Influences the factors of Cyclones, Anticyclones, Circulation and Rotation to the Steady Dynamic of Great Red Spot of Jupiter
Associate Prof. Phd Adalat Atai, Associate Prof. Phd Mahammad A.Nurmammadov

In the present paper, the impact of cyclones and anticyclones phenomena on the stability of existence of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, have been considered. In this situation, concerning all characteristically parameters, which noted by some issues of investigation, and the impact of these factors on the rotational velocity of the system of Jupiter, have been considered. For this reason, dispersion law of gravitational-gyroscopic wave, the stability of radio-waves and magneto-spherical field, magnetic energy, also mechanical coupled rotation as frictional, which effects on the solid pole (cool process) and gas-liquid pole (hot process), has been investigated by using turbulence process. The basic process of this problem solution is describing by using the mathematical model, and it is an adequate equation of motion. In this case, the new so-called terminology as a quasi-laminar with nearly zero viscose and Reynolds number, which aspires to infinity in case of turbulent transition, has been introduced. Motion equation and hydrostatic equilibrium also considered for the stability of the rotation of planetary GRS. It should be noted that, for the stability of the rotations of GRS on Jupiter, in complex form should be carried out conditions of the Rossby regime and it confirms the rotation process stability. Other hypotheses on influence factors of GRS, including structure part of the process of convection-diffusion law on Jupiter, have been considered.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jns.v8n2a2