Low Speed Scrubbing Technology (LSST)
Vasili I. Dimitrov

Fundamentals of Low Speed Scrubbing Technology (LSST) are reported. LSST belongs to neither co-flow nor counter flow conventional production strategy. It uses low gas speed ~ (10-20) m/s and spontaneous sequential modification of counter-flow into co-flow. These features provide intensive mass exchange resulting in high scrubbing efficiency (coefficient of the gas mass exchange measures up v,g~ (20-30) m3/m3s). This allows for suitable solution of some technological and environmental problems, including industrial exhaust cleaning. LSST embodies scrubbers of special design known as Low Speed Absorbers (LSA). It consists of contacting chamber in series with separation chamber, the former being intended for mixing and interaction of gas and liquid, while the latter provides phase separation. LSA is free of any mechanical or pressure loads, has low hydraulic resistance, has no unreliable structural units and needs no auxiliary facilities. It is a foolproof and serviceable construction.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jns.v6n1a1